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White PVC profile

A protective skin for the PVC profile from the extrusion line throughout the entire window frame fabrication process, as well as in storage and right up to installation of the window unit.

Tape reference Description Adhesive Roll dimension Outdoor Guarantee
Length Diametre
for white PVC
9380 Transparent 45µm Acrylic 1200m 281mm 6 months
9373 Black & White 50µm Rubber 1000m 272mm 6 months
9306 White 60µm Rubber 1000m 295mm 4 months
4525 White 50µm Acrylic 1000m 272mm 6 months

During the PVC extrusion process, the white UPVC window profile needs protection against external damage that can occur during the conveying, handling, storage and fabrication operations for the future window.

SKINFIT by Novacel is the peace of mind solution that will take care of the profile throughout the process and increase your productivity by reducing wastage of profiles due to scratches and impacts.

Easy to apply with a simple rubber lamination roller directly on the extrusion line just after the calibration set, SKINFIT protection tape makes for less need for visual control on production lines.

White UPVC profile
White UPVC profile

Thanks to SKINFIT, operators find it easier to handle profiles from high rack storage and rotations become effortless during window frame fabrication thanks to the high-performance sliding friction provided by the film.

Following window installation, removing the SKINFIT protection tape is easy, leaving a white, perfectly clean UPVC surface. 

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