Novacel committed for a green planet
Novacel committed for a green planet!

Discover how Novacel’s daily activity is engaged in a reduced environmental footprint.

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Manufacturers & Window Experts

As a surface protection expert and innovation leader, Novacel® is deeply involved with the best players of the fenestration industry for the creation of SKINFIT high-performance tapes: Partnership is the cornerstone of its success.

Because what matters to us is not only the surface, but also the skills and knowledge of all building industry experts, with a focus and reliance on its major contributors:

  • Leading extrusion companies developing their own technologies for unique windows. 
  • Manufacturers of decorative foils designing the industry’s colour and texture trends.
  • Paint producers creating innovative, colourful and sustainable powder coating systems.
  • Window fabricators who are producing every day ever more innovative windows using modern, fast tools, with more home automation integrated solutions.
  • Machine fabrication companies producing cutting, welding and corner cleaning systems and designing sophisticated, robust and energy-saving tools.
  • The glass industry with innovations such as urban noise reduction and solar control glazing.
  • Federations extending cooperation between extrusion, glass and window manufacturing companies.

SKINFIT by Novacel was able to see the light of day thanks to the combination of our expertise and passion plus close dialogue with all those who help make innovation dreams become realities.

This is why the SKINFIT range is made for every one of them.

  • Classic SKINFIT 9380: the classic transparent solution.
  • Advanced SKINFIT 9706: the versatile solution that perfectly matches a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Exclusive SKINFIT 9207: the high-tack solution for critical surfaces.

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