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Benefits of Skinfit

Individual Solution

Flexible Service

Flexible Service: To match your needs, rolls can be cut to widths from 15mm to 1300 mm

We produce rolls in 2600mm for optimum operational productivity and these can be slit to meet your exact needs, with narrow-width rolls starting from 15mm up to jumbo rolls of 1300mm if you are equipped to slit the rolls yourself.

Jumbo rolls
Jumbo roll of film and narrow width of tapes
Tape with narrow width
Tapes in narrow width

To ensure fewer changeovers of rolls of protection tape on the extrusion or foiling line, we can provide you with the longest possible rolls

Depending on your needs, roll length can be easily adapted to the maximum possible diameter of your own lamination tools on the extrusion or foiling line.

Thickness Length Diametre
30 µm 1500 m 27,1 cm
45 µm 1200 m 28,1cm
50 µm 1000 m 27,2 cm
60 µm 800 m 26,7 cm
70 µm 500 m 23,4 cm
Protection tape laminator
Protection tape application
Lamination on upvc profile
Tape on white UPVC profile

Printed Protection

Printed protection tape: SKINFIT can enhance your communication with your logo, brand or information printed on the film.

Film printing makes SKINFIT by Novacel an excellent medium to give your name or brand greater visibility on a newbuild site, to provide instructions guidelines and to provide information about your product.

Printed protection tape on profiles
Printed protection tape on profiles
Printed protection tape on profiles
Printed protection tape on profiles

Safe Protection

Safe protection
  • No film lift-off from profiles during window frame fabrication thanks to a perfect fit to the surface, even the new critical types!
  • No more cleaning of conveying lines with their thousands of rollers and brushes due to ink transfer: the premium printing solution, SKINFIT by Novacel tape, offers higher scratch resistance.
  • Optimized productivity for window fabrication, with easy frame sliding and rotation during conveying on tables or on automatic lines thanks to the low friction dynamic of the protection tape.
  • No glue residue or surface defects: SKINFIT by Novacel tapes provide the best outdoor protection against UV, with a guarantee of up to 12 months!
UPVC profiles conveying
UPVC profiles conveying
Coloured profiles conveying
Coloured profiles conveying

Strong adhesion


Perfect adhesion: No matter what technology is used to colour the window - powder or liquid coating, foiling or colour coextrusion of the profile - no matter what material is used for the window - PVC or Aluminium -  SKINFIT by Novacel tapes are a perfect match, providing a perfect fit. This is a solution dedicated to your surfaces.

Perfect adhesion of our protective film
Perfect adhesion & protection at window fabrication
Storage of protected profiles
Storage of protected profiles

Easy use

Easy to apply with no elongation, even for high-adhesion tape, thanks to low-noise technology. SKINFIT tape is also easy to apply by hand directly on coated profiles or frames.

Easy to remove, with no film tearing or glue residue, thanks to the high-performance films designed to protect the window from outside weather conditions up to the point of final installation.

No roll telescoping. Applying patience, experience and knowledge, we have discovered the perfect balance for each tape, providing the longest possible rolls for the safest operations.

Waste reduction: The protection tape allows greater numbers of window units to be produced: a reduction in non-quality costs due to surface scratches and defects, and less tool and part changing and cleaning.

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